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All About Online Test of NATA including TOPIC

online test consists of 40 questions of objective type
and it  is out of 100 marks. you will get only 50-60 seconds per question.if you did'nt mark any answer it will automatically redirect to next question. even if you does'nt know also just attend the questions because there is no negative marking for the online test .The questions are type selective. type selective means if we are answering first question correctly,then the second question will be little more tougher. and if we answered the first question incorrectly, the second question will be easier one. like that for all the questions this is the way. Atlast We can see our difficulty level of questions along with our score. We can see our online score soon after answering the all 40 questions in the test center itself.

Now About The Topic For Online Exam
1. colour theory
2. well known architects and their buidings
3. identification of  buildings( national and international)
4. counting of sides of given complex figure.(it can be asked as
    count the number of vertical planes or horizontal planes also.)
5.Matching of correct shapes.
6.odd one out
8. basic maths
9.naming of building parts(basic terminology)
10.types of stones,sands.



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